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K.K. Metal’s workplace is guided by a culture that supports personal and professional development. We value and reward innovation, determination and teamwork. We offer great career opportunities in technical areas such as welding, machining, and engineering. We also provide challenging opportunities in the areas of production supervision, customer service, and administration. 


Besides, we offer internship programs for young academics who wish to contribute their passions to our company. We are seeking for trainees that are highly independent and responsible to the tasks given. By joining this program, students can pre-experience the working environment in manufacturing field and enhance their application skills.

If you're interested to work with us, send your resume to

Sales & Marketing

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

Production Team 

Finance Administrator

Human Resources Administrator

Research & Development Engineer

Information Technology Engineer


Sales & Marketing Trainee

Finance Trainee

Human Resources Trainee

Research & Development Trainee

Quality Assurance & Quality Control Trainee

Information Technology Trainee

Production Team Trainee

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